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What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your House

What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your House

If it hasn’t happened to you already, one of your biggest fears could be getting locked out of your house. Many people have been in this situation, and you should know what to do if you are locked out of your home.

Here are some reasonable and honest solutions that can make this situation better at Lockout locksmith services in Dallas. Go through each of these tips and stay prepared. If you think smartly and alertly, you can avoid hours of exhaustion and frustration.


Call a Locksmith

Call a Locksmith
Call a Locksmith


Calling a locksmith may not be the most economical solution because they charge high, but it is a foolproof way to unlock the door without causing permanent damage. You can ask the residential locksmith if they will break the door lock or if they will be opening it with tools.

We realize that door locks can be expensive, and many locksmiths charge more if you have a hi-tech lock. However, most of us will be ready to spend that amount when we are confused and want to be inside the house.

Nevertheless, locksmiths can be guided to keep the lock working. If your key isn’t turning, the lock is malfunctioning, and you might have to say your final goodbye here.

Remove The Doorknob


Many people do not suggest this, but you should try removing the doorknob at a frustrating time. It is easy to remove the outer part of the knob by pushing in the latch at the bottom of the knob. Once you remove the knob, the latch inside is easy to pull and open.


Remove The Doorknob
Remove The Doorknob

This method can only apply if you have a knob and not for the door handles with many screws, which will require much time and care to remove. 

If you have any tools in the car, you can use a wrench and screwdriver to remove any door handle. However, the working of a knob is simpler and makes it easier to remove.


Look For Unlocked Doors or Windows


At such times, one would hope they had left a window or door open by mistake. Check around the house to see if any open window or door can provide entrance.


Look For Unlocked Doors or Windows
Look For Unlocked Doors or Windows

However, if all doors are locked, you can check for the easiest one to open. Some houses have windows with latches or side doors and garage doors with more accessible knobs than the front door. Try to break any of those instead of causing more damage to the front door. 


Most houses have a hefty lock on the front door, whereas the kitchen or garage doors have ordinary locks.

You may have seen in a movie that you can break the lock with a brick or rock, but in real life, it will be better to unlock or remove the doorknob or handle on a garage door if you have a bigger lock at the front.


Find Someone Who May Have a Key

If you share your home with a partner or spouse, try getting your hands on the other keys before taking irreversible action. Give your neighbor or friend an extra key if there is none.

This small action can save a lot of trouble, and you can enter the house without damage. Many people used to leave home after giving keys to a reliable neighbor.

Over the years, this practice was forgotten, but keeping a trustworthy person around the neighborhood can always be a good idea.

Similarly, you can hide a spare key under the doormat or in the plants around the door. Many people place an extra key around their front door so that they can use it in such emergencies.

Hide the key intelligently because you would not want any trespasser or unwanted individual to get to it. We can suggest some hiding spots around the garage, or under flower pots.

Be sure to keep changing this spot so anyone watching wouldn’t feel tempted to try and enter in your absence.

Break In


Here is the most desperate measure of all. Break the door lock and enter. Sometimes, there is no solution but to break the door or lock. However, think it through because an urgent repair is in place once you get in!

People often need to remember that they must live in the house, so locking the broken door or lock will be challenging. You can break into the house if you have an emergency and there is no other solution. 




Often, people are stuck in a situation where they must take rapid action to solve the problem. If you are locked out of your house, there can be many ways to ensure you get in without severe damage.

We have discussed all these solutions so that you will know what to do and how to unlock the door quickly if you ever get stuck in this situation.

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