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Top 10 Tips for Improving Home Security

Top 10 Tips for Improving Home Security

Home security is paramount, especially nowadays when robberies and theft have advanced, and trickery is rampant. You do not only need a bolt and lock but there must be many intelligent ways to secure your living space.

Here we will discuss the top 10 tips for improving residential locks security to ensure a more relaxed and stress-free life. Follow these tips and ensure you can enjoy a safe home without restricting your trips out of town or even within the city.

Install Security System

The foremost tip is to install a security system that will keep all robbers and trespassers away. Usually, these security systems are installed on every window and door to secure passage against intruders. You will have a secret passcode, which can turn off the alarm so that you can enter.

Install Security System
Install Security System

The alarm rings off whenever you are away from home if anyone tries to open the doors or windows. This alarm alerts homeowners and the cops. Moreover, the blaring alarm causes panic, preventing intruders from stepping in, and they must run to escape.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

A few open lights would keep robbers and intruders away as they avoid sneaking into houses where people are present. The most attractive houses for such criminals are isolated and empty houses. If you live in a busy neighborhood, count your blessings because neighbors can be witnesses to such trespassers who avoid these places.

If you are out of the city for a few days, ask a friend or neighbor to keep checking your mail. Criminals are on the lookout for inhibited houses, but they try to make an entry when the owners are not at home. Leaving the TV, fan, or lights on will do the trick if you are gone for a few hours.

Motion Sensor Lights

Another bright tip to improve home security is to install motion sensors. These sensors can detect any movement inside or around your property in your absence. Once the alarm sounds, burglars and trespassers will run away, and the cops will be alerted.

Motion Sensor Lights
Motion Sensor Lights

These motion sensors are a great addition to security systems as they can catch any malicious presence even when they are away from the door or somehow manage to be inside the house without permission.

Add Obstructions

Efficient obstructions like fences, electric wires over bars, CCTV cameras, additional locks, and even bolts can be an intelligent way to improve home security. Any criminal wants to enter places with minimum security, and it doesn’t require much time to break in.

If there are added obstructions, the individuals will find it harder to get to the valuables quickly. Burglars and other criminals must act fast; obstructions will make them slower. Hence they will avoid them.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Hiding places on any property will keep your home safer. If there are dark corners, trees, shrubs, and blind spots where anyone can hide, it can be dangerous.

Try and remove all hiding places by trimming shrubs and cleaning the garden area to ensure no bush can provide a hiding place.

Similarly, if there are boxes or cans around the garage that can help someone hide behind, or in them, it is best to remove them.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an extension of removing hiding places, as well-lit lawns, garages, and side alleys are never going to be an attractive feature for trespassers.

Install Outdoor Lighting
Install Outdoor Lighting

These criminals lie in dark, poorly-lit spaces where they can hide and efficiently plan their next move. Keep the lights in the garden, boundary wall, and garage lit to observe any activity around your home.

Don’t Forget The Garage

Has it ever happened that you left the interior door from the garage open? One of homeowners’ most frequent mistakes is leaving a door unlocked.

If you are driving, make sure that you lock the house, leave from the garage door and lock it from the outside. Moreover, keep the garage empty, free from hiding places, and leave the light open. A camera or alarm coverage for the garage will be the safest option.

Don’t Overshare on Social Media

Burglaries and robberies have become more of an intelligent play, and people lurk around corners, which includes your social media.

These burglars often follow you on social media and keep an eye on the pictures to observe your home’s interior. Moreover, they can plan an entry if you leave check-ins and information about your whereabouts.

Do not share your photos with the public and even among friends, be sure to share the details that do not give away your routine.

Hide Money, Keys & Valuables

Inside the house, ensure that your valuables are hidden. Remember, criminals like to act fast, so they go in, get the valuables, and run away in a short while. If your valuables are hidden, these people will not take the extra time to find them.

Smartly hide your door keys. Under the mat or above the door are common places that every trespasser tries. Make sure you hide the keys, money, and valuables smartly so that even if anyone makes it inside the house, they cannot get to your things.

Secure The Front Door

Gone are the days when burglars came through the window! Nowadays, it is most common for robbers to enter from the front door. Add a digital lock, alarm security, and additional locks and bolts to the front door to ensure it is a hard entry for all unwanted people.

Upgrade the locks and add a bolt so that the front door is secure from the inside. Ensure you can also provide the same security on your way out. This means that multiple locks on the outside will keep your home safe when you are out.


We have discussed efficient and intelligent tips for improving home security. By following these tips, you can eliminate the chances of robberies significantly.

Home security is paramount, and if you follow these tips, you can enjoy a secure and stress-free life when you are away from home.

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