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Guide to Becoming a Licensed Locksmith in Dallas

Guide to Becoming a Licensed Locksmith in Dallas

Many people look for a reliable locksmith in Dallas and request references from their close contacts. If you want to become a locksmith, there are a few things that must be taken care of before you get the license.

However, even after obtaining the permit, there will be many steps to ensure a good income and regular work patterns. Here is a guide to becoming a locksmith in Dallas. Follow the path to becoming a famous person in the trade.

Requirements for Locksmith License

In the state, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Service Division under the Private Security Bureau regulates locksmiths.

The people and companies who get permits from this department are the only ones who can practice and offer locksmith services.

Locksmith License
Locksmith License

To become a locksmith in Dallas, you will be required to complete two years of apprenticeship. This will help you to qualify as a full-time locksmith with related work experience.

You can also show the completion certificate for a 48-hour locksmith course, which teaches you to repair home locks, office locks, vaults, and security alarms.

People with 600-hour fundamentals courses can also apply for a license. Apart from these requirements, here is a list of prerequisites for a locksmith license in the city.

Criminal Background Check

When you apply for a license, one of the primary requirements is a criminal background check by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

This check ensures that the locksmith has no malicious intent, which can be a common trait among people with a criminal record.

Criminal Background Check
Criminal Background Check

It is essential to ensure that a locksmith license candidate has no arrest history, must not be charged or indicted, or has been in any pre-trial intervention.

Candidates who have been convicted of any Class B misdemeanor up to five years before applying will not be given a license. Moreover, drug dependents and alcohol users will also be denied.

If a locksmith license candidate was serving in the military, he has to be discharged honorably to be eligible for the license. Moreover, the candidate must not be a minor, which means that they should be more than 18 years of age.

Locksmith Licensing Exam

Locksmiths in Dallas should be able to take the licensing exam. The exam consists of twelve locksmith topics, including safe installation, door access control understanding of vaults, and regular home locks.

Locksmith Licensing Exam
Locksmith Licensing Exam

This exam will be able to judge the capability and understanding along with the capacity to work under stress.

Locksmiths in Dallas have to pass the test to prove their eligibility and can then apply for a license. The criminal record has to be clear for all those who are attempting the test, as that is an unconditional prerequisite.

Pay Application Fee

There is an application fee for the locksmith license in Dallas, which varies according to the case. Under the category of non-commissioned security officers, private investigators, alarm installers, alarm system monitors, locksmiths, and electronic access control device installers, the fee structure is different.

If an individual is a new candidate and requires a new license, the fee will be $37. However, if it is a renewal within 90 days, the fee is different and stands at $52. However, if a locksmith in Dallas gets late for a renewal of license and exceeds 90 days of payment, they are liable to pay $67.

The various parts of the license will cost the candidate. The FBI fingerprint check will cost you $28.25, and a duplicate pocket card of the license will require another $17. Reinstatement of a suspended license requires a fee which stands at $150.

A business license will cost $155, while the company name change will cost locksmiths in Dallas a figure of $77. There are several categories, each of which has a different fee schedule.

Submit Your Application

You can submit the application when you have paid the fee and cleared all the prerequisites. To become a locksmith in Dallas, ensure that you do not have any history of unpaid renewals or any criminal incident to damage your reputation.

The requirements for eligibility are the first step to submitting an application. However, the authority has full right to deny an application based on incompetence.

Last Words

To become a locksmith near me, you will require a few things. The FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety check every individual thoroughly.

The candidates must ensure that they fulfil all these requirements and submit the application after paying the fee.

We have shared all the requirements in detail so that you can get a license lawfully. The basic knowledge and ability to work on different kinds of locks and vaults.

If you are registering a locksmith company, follow the fee structure and requirements accordingly to ensure smooth working discipline.

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