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Garage Door Security: Protecting Your Home

Garage Door Security: Protecting Your Home

Every homeowner deserves a safe and secure house. Investing in a strong and secure garage door is a good idea. In America, 9% of break-ins happen through the garage door. This percentage is quite high, it should be lowered. Here is all about garage door security to protect your home and ensure a safe space for your family.

In the US, a burglary occurs every 26 seconds, meaning every neighborhood is unsafe if you have not taken anti-invasion steps to secure your home. Learn all about garage doors and how you can protect your home with best Locksmith in Dallas.

Types of Garage Doors Words

There are various kinds of garage doors, and securing each of them requires special steps. Here are the primary garage door types:

Sectional: Sectional garage doors comprise panel sections connected with hinges to help fold each section. As you open the garage door, the wheels at the edges move up the vertical track on each side, overlapping the sections to open space. The hinges bend over a curved portion of the track, and when the door is completely open, the sections sit parallel to the ceiling. Sectional doors are the most common type of garage door in America.

Side-Hinged: As we explained, the sectional, side-hinged doors are like home doors but more oversized. The gates can be opened at the center and pushed to the side to stand parallel to the side walls.

Roller: Roller or shutter garage doors are like commercial shutters outside shops and malls to close the entrance. This garage door is best if you have a limited ceiling space for the door panels to move over.

Up And Over: The up-and-over garage door resembles the side-hinged one. However, this particular variation of doors moves up and curves along the ceiling to sit parallel to it. The entire door is pulled up and over the head to open the space.

Securing Garage Door

There are numerous ways in which you can secure your garage door:

Garage Door Openers: A remote-controlled garage door opener or critical code is an excellent aide for garage door security. You can keep your garage free from trespassers if you have a security code and a digital lock, which can be intimidating for trespassers. Ensure to change the door opener code and do not keep the garage door opener in the car. Moreover, when it is not in use, turn the remote control power off so the door opener does not work.

Use Security Cameras: Security cameras work like watchmen, as people see them and avoid going close to them. Installing a security camera outside the garage door reduces the chances of burglary by 50%. Cameras can be intimidating, too, and since they provide visual evidence of an individual’s presence, people become cautious around them.

Remote Device Use & Options: Setting a home alarm or having remote access to the security cameras can be an intelligent way to keep intruders at bay. If someone tries to open the garage, a signal can be sent to you and your neighbors, making it safe. Remote locks, alarm signals, and lights can ensure that any burglar will have to pass through multiple layers of security, making your garage door safer. Moreover, remote devices can ensure that if anyone tries to manhandle the door, the locks become harder to open as the remote device shuts down, and only the owner knows how to unlock it.

Cover your garage windows: Another effective technique for securing the garage door is blocking the outside view. If you have a garage window on the front or side of the house, cover it with a curtain or screen to block the view for trespassers. If malicious passersby see anything valuable through the window, they might try to break in. Specialty windows and frosted glass can be an excellent way to block the view.

Locking Technology: To ensure safety, all exterior doors must be secured with the best locking technology. All-access points, such as the garage door and the door from the garage inside your house, must be secured with the best locking technology, such as digital locks, bolts with biometric devices, and even cameras synchronized with the locks to allow only family members and authorized individuals. Another innovative locking technology can be timers, ensuring that the door locks automatically at the designated time.


Garage doors are an integral part of home security because they provide full access to the house. All homeowners must secure their homes by installing the right kind of doors and ensuring that they add an extra security shield in the form of locking technology and cameras by Dallas Affordable Locksmiths which provides best residential locksmith services in Dallas. You can find out all about the different kinds of garage doors and security enhancements that will keep your home safe from trespassers and burglars.

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